Corporate Responsability

Responsabilidad Corporativa en el Grupo Pipopet

The effects of the climate change on our planet are evident.


This forces us to rethink many aspects. Reversing the trend requires everyone’s efforts but more specifically that of businesses. Awareness is not sufficient, we as organizations should act, seek solutions and develop alternatives that will enable our sons and daughters to benefit from a cleaner, healthier planet that is purer and more natural.


Nowadays, sand mixed with dog poop is usually placed in plastic bags which usually end up in the waste disposal site. Each year, millions of kilogrammes of non-biodegradable sand are sent there.


Environmental protection agencies recommend pets’ poop is thrown without the sand to the toilet to ensure evacuation. Residues then reach waste disposal plants where they are processed for decontamination.


The team behind the creation of Pipopet is convinced it needs to improve our society. The world of pets undoubtedly needs Pipopet for greater sustainability, better environmental protection and cleaner cities.


We are a responsible business. Our team wishes to go beyond profit-making. Our values are apparent in all of our processes, in the manufacturing of our products, in their distribution and when we are in contact with our clients.


We thrive for quality, innovation, ethics, honesty and client satisfaction. This is what makes us a responsible business.



Energy efficiency


Protection of the environment


A positive and different experience for our clients


Committed to our society and the world of animals






Sostenibilidad, medio ambiente, valores de Pipopet

Pipopet wishes to bring something positive to society. We aim at becoming a reference in the cleaning and hygiene of our streets and because of our love for animals. We are convinced that together with you, we can go very far.


Thank you.

Pipopet: “Thinking of you, thinking of them”

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